Saturday, February 4, 2017

February. Calvin's Birthday Month.

Well, February is here. I can feel my emotions becoming stronger and stronger as it gets closer to Calvin's first birthday, February 24th. I can't believe a year as came and gone. How have I gotten through a year of life without him? It's been rough, but I have had a lot of help. I remember sitting in the exact spot I am right now in the first month of Calvin being gone and just thinking to myself "I can't wait till more time goes by and this gets easier." As I sit here today I am able to say, it did get easier. Though, not as much as I would have hoped. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. I wouldn't want to not think about him though. But, I also relive the day of his birth over and over and over again more times than I could ever count. I don't know that I will ever stop doing that, or will ever stop asking "How? Why?" Like every other mom who has lost a baby, you have some sort of guilt. "Was it something I did? What should I have done differently? I should have said something!" I don't experience this guilt anymore because I know deep down it wasn't anything I did. Of course you still go through everything in your head and manage to be upset with yourself for something you had no idea was even happening. Stewing over what happened and asking these questions doesn't change what happened. I know this. I just can't help it sometimes. Every morning I listen to worship music while I get ready, it's my time with God. At least once a week a song gets to me and I break down and cry (usually right after I put my make-up on- perfect timing). I think that's okay though. I need those moments with God, and I do still hurt. It's always the songs about praising God in the storm and needing Him. Boy have I ever. I am so blessed to have this ministry "Calvin's Love" that I know will keep Calvin in everyone's life forever and that he will never be forgotten. The fact that he is changing so many lives is also amazing. We are holding a big event for his birthday celebrating him and our ministry but I have been thinking about what else I want to do that day to honor his birthday. Some people release balloons, or write a letter. I'd love to hear anyone's ideas. Maybe a tradition to start?

Celebrating Calvin's Love
Many of you have already seen that we are holding a big fundraising event for Bibles for Babies called "Celebrating Calvin's Love." This is on Calvin's actual first birthday where we will be celebrating him and our new ministry. If you haven't heard of this you can learn more on our website at I would like everyone to know that we have given away over 500 children's bibles to families so far!! We have given them away to clothing banks, pregnancy centers, churches, health departments and are working on preschools, hospitals, and more. I just get chills thinking about the single struggling moms who are going to these places just to get diapers or formula for their babies and are handed a free children's bible. Something they maybe have never had or would ever buy for their child. Calvin is changing lives! Many friends who have gotten a bible for their own babies/toddlers have told me how much their child LOVES the Bible. It warms my heart to know they actually enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures instead of an ordinary bible that just sits in their drawer. My wish for his birthday is to raise enough money to give away 500 more! If you would like to help me reach my goal you may donate or buy tickets by going to the website above.

This Pregnancy
I am exactly 17 weeks today and feeling good. I am so thankful for everyone's prayers of peace with this pregnancy because it is working! I won't say I don't ever get worried or have moments of doubt but I have really been able to enjoy most of this pregnancy. Whenever I start thinking "what if" I quickly stop myself before I get worked up. I have felt the prayers calm me and allow me to be excited for this baby. James and I are so excited, but we both agree it is going super slow! July needs to get here so I can hold this peanut. I am believing that God is going to allow us to have this child here with us on Earth. I pray it everyday, and I believe it everyday. I imagine the birth of this baby a lot. I mostly picture myself holding this child against my chest after birth and just crying and crying. Crying because I'll be so over-joyed but also because I'll be so overcome with the emotions of what I missed with Calvin. It is going to be one emotional day.

One thing is for sure, I popped out way more quickly with this pregnancy. Everyone says you show sooner with your second and that is a definite. I didn't tell the world I was pregnant with Calvin until I was 12 weeks and didn't even begin to show till I was 14. I swear I popped out around 8 weeks with this one. I was wearing flowy shirts to work everyday and decided I needed to tell at 10 weeks because I was running out of loose clothes! I had told my first graders shortly after and I said "you'll see my belly get bigger and bigger" and one student shouted "Yeah I already have!" Children are priceless. I also was a lot more nauseous with this pregnancy than with Calvin. With Calvin I was only nauseous for maybe 4 weeks in the evenings. With this one I was nauseous from week 5-week 13 and then randomly would get spurts of it. I'm happy to say I haven't had any nausea the past couple weeks! However, I was so thankful to feel that nausea every day knowing it was my little babe forming healthy inside me. I was also extra exhausted by the end of the day with this pregnancy but I know that it is because I had been working all day. With Calvin, my first trimester was in the summer when I was off from school so I was able to sleep and relax whenever. I haven't felt baby move yet but didn't with Calvin till 21 weeks. They say you feel it sooner with your second because you now know the feeling. I'm hoping to soon! We are so excited to find out if baby is a Mr. or Miss on Valentine's Day at our 18 week anatomy ultrasound. So far baby is as healthy as can be :)

As excited as I am to find out the gender, I'm nervous too. We haven't changed/moved a thing in the nursery since it was set up for Calvin. It's even hard to call it "the nursery" and not "Calvin's room." I have been in there, sometimes to read or pray in the glider chair. I was in there the other day looking at his clothes in the closet and that's when it hit me. If we have a girl, I am going to have to take all of this out and that made me sick to my stomach to think about. I don't want to change a thing. Even if we have a boy, will I want him to have all of the same stuff? Calvin didn't use any of it so why would it matter? Will it make me upset? Should I give this boy his own theme? Either boy or girl, it is going to be difficult to go into the nursery and go through the items. I really am dreading that day because I know it will be very emotional. I know there isn't a right or wrong way to do this. I wish we didn't have to do it at all. But I do know, God will be with us on that day just like He has been with us on every other day through this journey.

This song I have posted is one that breaks me down every time it plays. As soon as it starts playing I tear up and can feel the presence of the Lord. It is such a powerful song about the Holy Spirit being here with us. People are afraid or ashamed to talk about the Holy Spirit, but it is real. I long to feel it because it gives me peace and a reminder that He is right here beside me. I hold onto the words "A miracle can happen now for the Spirit of the Lord is here."

                                                        "Here As In Heaven"

The atmosphere is changing now
For the Spirit of the Lord is here
The evidence is all around
That the Spirit of the Lord is here

Overflow in this place
Fill our hearts with Your love
Your love surrounds us
You're the reason we came
To encounter Your love
Your love surrounds us

Spirit of God fall fresh on us
We need Your presence
Your kingdom come
Your will be done
Here as in heaven

A miracle can happen now
For the Spirit of the Lord is here
The evidence is all around
That the Spirit of the Lord is here

Lord, we need Your presence. I pray that you all seek it. 
Love to you all,

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